Monday, June 23, 2014

True Colours

Meet Cathy Pascoe.  A Canadian artist who began with graphite and now works in coloured pencil. Talented to tips of her fingers, her work has been featured in Strokes of Genius 5 (see below).

For those who think of colored pencil only as a  teacher's mark on a school test - wake up!

Coloured pencil is steadily gaining in popularity, fans, followers, and a widening circle of artists. Today's coloured pencils are made from a oil based or wax based or water-soluble pigmented core surrounded by wood. And that is just the beginning of the choices for coloured pencil now.

Copyright image  Cathy Pascoe  'Reflections and Refractions'

Coloured pencil artwork covers a wide assortment of materials.  Artists have passionate views on the type of pencils they use. Some artists use strictly oil based brands while other artists have all types and brands on their tables. And about those tables - some artists swear by their heated tablets as a way to blend those colours.  And then there are the solvents. The discussions can become slightly heated again about the use and type of solvents as a way to blend colours perfectly. All in an effort to share the methods. :)

Artist Cathy Pascoe shows her expertise in using her choice of materials within the coloured pencil spectrum.  Cathy's work - especially her studies of glass, crystal, chrome or any subject with transparent or reflective surfaces - shows a stunning knowledge of her tools and her subjects.  Her work is a masterclass of technique in coloured pencil.

Statement from the artist :

I have spent most of my career as an elementary school teacher with my portraiture as an ongoing hobby. I am a self taught artist. Until five years ago, my work was only done in graphite pencil on paper. In 2005, I began using coloured pencils in my work. At the same time, I began to broaden my subject matter. My drawings are bright, vibrant pictures in coloured pencil, done in a realistic style. My work is presently being shown at the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo, the Voila Institute in Kitchener, the Sound Factory in Waterloo, the Quest Art School and Gallery in Midland and the Waterloo Uptown Gallery.

Copyright image  Cathy Pascoe  'Auburn Beauty'
8" x 10 " coloured pencil on paper

Copyright image  Cathy Pascoe "Crystal Clear "    8" x 10"
Coloured pencil on drafting film

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  1. I love her drawings!! Cathy you are amazing. I will follow your art work.

    1. Sandie, congrats! Send me a msg on facebook and I'll get your choice of prize and address info,etc. I'm at Golders DeWitt. :)

    2. Thank you. I'm so excited because it will help some poor puppies and kittens!!!! Thank you Golders. I will email you.

  2. Golders, thank you so much for featuring my work on your blog!

  3. Your work is outstanding. An honor to 'meet' you. <3

  4. For anyone who is interested, there is a step by step work in progress album of my glass picture on my art page. You could also "like" my page if you like my work!

    To see a Step by Step Work in Progress album of my "Reflections and Refractions" glass drawing, please click the following link;


  5. Cathy's work is fabulous, Wendy! "Right down my alley" with still lifes and reflections...just beautiful! BTW...adding you to my sidebar, so I won't forget to check in..."Out of sight, out of mind" with me...(kinda like the raisins...).
    Wow, again, Cathy!

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