Monday, January 27, 2014

For The Birds

   Stork - copyright Carolynn McDade

Blackburnian Warbler
copyright Carolynn McDade
Carolynn McDade says her interest in art began about the same time as her interest in birds.

She remembers drawing portraits of her friends in elementary school and by the time she was 13 she was taking private art lessons.  After raising a family in the Lake Michigan area, her interest in painting was rekindled when she started painting and selling birdhouses and ornaments in craft fairs.

Other than the early school art lessons, Carolynn considers herself an outsider in the art community.Without any formal training as an adult, she says her technique was developed by studying original paintings, books, and online videos .

She has enjoyed a wide audience by creating ACEOs and selling them. Through ebay art buyers Carolynn has sold these small art jewels to people all over the world.  In case you were unsure what ACEO stands for : Art Cards Editions and Originals. This size of painting has to be exactly 2.5" x 3.5" to satisfy the definition of an ACEO demanded by collectors

Known for her watercolor paintings of birds, Carolynn has gained a following who prize these beautifully painted small format artworks. Including me!

Cardinal male and female      copyright Carolynn McDade

Statement by the artist:  

I live in the San Francisco bay area and spend much of my time splashing around in puddles of color creating portraits of the beautiful birds of the world. I also enjoy painting portraits of children, fairies, and various animals.  Watercolor painting keeps me satisfied and content; however, the most satisfaction comes from giving others a slice of what i love.  It's live a wonderful thing to make someone smile or feel happiness because of something I've created! 

I also enjoy hiking daily and have become an amateur photographer (birds).  I love to abandon a few pieces of miniature art at Christmas time, just to make someone's day a bit brighter. While raising a family, I had a career as a paralegal working for the largest law firm in the Midwest.  Today I'm a full-time artist. My focus for 2014 is to get out there to share art in my community.  

Fledgling Blue Jay      copyright Carolynn McDade

American Crow   copyright Carolynn McDade

If you're lucky you might find some beautiful watercolor birds in Carolynn's eBay store:



  1. I have always loved and admired Carolynn's art and have a few pieces myself!!

  2. They're absolutely fantastic. I must go and look at more!

  3. Beautiful work! I am a longtime admirer and a big fan of Carolynn's art.