Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scrummy Colour

Metromash  © Sharon Turner 

 scrummy (scrummier,scrummiest)  skrú-mee
     Usage: Brit

Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste
  1. "the dessert was scrummy"; 

Sharon Turner's art is scrummylicious. Her rich use of colour and line makes for brilliant visual texture and striking images. Metromash (above) is one of my favorites. See how many world famous landmarks you can identify.  http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/1549200

New York Beauty with Mog ©Sharon Turner
New York Beauty Mogless 
New York Beauty comes in fabric, many gift or office items. The cat is not for sale. Yet.

Harlequin Feathers is perfect for adding colour. Feathers, feathers, feathers so richly reflecting nature but with combinations never seen grouped together.

Harlequin Feathers  ©Sharon Turner
 fabric available from Spoonflower, Zazzle items, Deny Designs and more

I just love these brilliantly coloured froggies. It's available in pink, orange, slate and this turquoise. Just stunning. And makes for incredible wallpaper. See this on Spoonflower for more choices.

Congo Tree Frog ©Sharon Turner  

 Giraffe Love © Sharon Turner 
pillow from Deny Designs, also more pillows and items with these giraffes from Zazzle http://www.zazzle.com/scrummylicious/

Scrummy lives in Nottingham, UK with her husband and two children. And a cat :)  And a lot of colour.  

At home with many home styles, Scrummy's designs are not gender specific either. I love the depth of design in all her work. No flat ordinary art here. Bold and vivid, her colour choices are rich and fun too. Her designs are intricate patterns that invite the viewer to come closer. Are you able to find all the Los Angeles landmarks in this Los Angeles Coral design?

Los Angeles Coral ©Sharon Turner

Have you ever fallen in love with a marvelous print or palette and then tried to find anything matchable? So frustrating. Scrummy  has her art available on a very wide range of products.  From bedsheets to iphone cases to coasters to cards to mouse mats. So picking a few items can pull your space into wow. 

This wonderful chameleon looks great anywhere he pops up!

Visit the sites that carry her work and see many, many more brilliant designs by Scrummy.

M edge

All work this entry copyright Sharon Turner.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vickie Learner Adams

Having previously enjoyed artist Vickie Learner Adam's black and white graphic Pandas, I was wowed to discover this artist's full color illustrations/posters/prints painted in a very different style. Charming colorful butterflies, bears, cats, rabbits and more are absolutely perfect for a child's room. Filled with rich tones her work has just the right amount of detail to fascinate children (and parents).  

An illustrator with over 20 books to her credit (done mostly under Vickie M. Learner), includeing the award winning "One Hundred Million Reasons for Owning an Elephant.

Enjoy these examples of her work. They are available as posters/prints in a 11" x 14" size which is a standard frame size.

 I do admit to a soft spot for the birthday bugs!

11" x 14"
Vickie Learner Adams

11" x 14"
Vickie Learner Adams
11" x 14"
Vickie Learner Adams

Statement from the artist:

"One fine day back in 2008, I was visiting a cooperative craft and art store in a neighboring town to pick up some of my items. They were raising the fees for the artists. I was almost out the door when another artist started to admire my Mother Goose posters. She was my favorite type of person...friendly and creative. She ended up buying a print from me and encouraging me to explore etsy. I was intrigued and went home to check out this etsy thing. And the rest is history. " 

Vickie Learner Adams
Pine Bush, New York

contact info:
Visit the Vickie Learner Adams Etsy shop:    http://www.etsy.com/shop/hoddleypoddley

website portfolio:   http://www.coroflot.com/vlearner/portfolio

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$50 DickBlick or Zazzle or Spoonflower gift certificate**

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Zombie Army

Zombies continue to be still the hottest things around that are dead cold.

Is there a Zombie party planned at your house? Do you need to set the sick tone for your seriously undead friends? Fun to bring all your undead ideas together.

Start your party off with  Zombie cocktails! Warning: these are very powerful so you might want to consider switching up to something milder after one of these.The original Zombie  was concocted in the 1930's in a California restaurant and bar called 'Don the Beachcomber'. It included three different kinds of rum, lime juice, falernumAngostura  bitters, Pernod and grapefruit juice.

Outfit your Zombie army  team, wedding guests, partygoers, and all around goodtime buds and  rotting flesh friends with a hip flask for their  Zombie Elixir - thanks to Kathy Valentino's very alive brain. Her zombie things and other cool stuff are available on Zazzle  :

Here is her undead version of a  Zombie cutting board
Or cutting bored. I think it is a perfect accessory for your undead celebrations. You could add marinated eyeballs made from hardboiled eggs sliced in two, turned flat side down with little centered irises made with black olives. Or you could use it as a platter for your red velvet cake:

A poster available from skeleton artist Bob Lee (b.l.inks)
will help to set the mood:

What to wear oh what to wear: 

And here are your invitations:

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fairy Notes

W.DeWitt    Pink Pixie   watercolor 

I love beautiful fairy themed art. Like the Blue Fairy from Pinnochio (1940).  Like Cicely Mary Barker. Like Pre-Raphaelite artists such as Waterhouse. Several years ago,I really enjoyed painting a few watercolors with friends' children as models. I think the only reason I haven't continued with this series is the difficulty of aquiring new models. (While in the grocery store: "Excuse me, could I borrow your seven-year-old tutu-wearing daughter?")

Hard to get more than a silent stare out of that conversation.

Below: pair of twins posing for me. 

 W.DeWitt     Lavender Blue Lavender Green    Watercolor

I even used non-human models for a time. Rabbits were a favorite subject.

My inspiration when younger was the absolutely fabulous book The Fairy Tale Book by Marie Ponsot & Adrienne Segur.   It was published in 1958 and I still have my copy :)

Here's a Puss-In-Boots that as a six year old I thought was the most perfect Fairy Tale art. And I still do. If you can find a copy of this lovely book take a look inside.

My mother told me that when she was small she received notes from the fairies at the bottom of their garden. She knew they were from the fairies because they were written in lavender ink. Of course her mother had sent them. Can you imagine! 

And I thought I'd show a folk doll I made of my own Blue Fairy.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Bliss of Kimono Kittens

Come and meet Canadian artist Brenda June Saydak. You'll love her art, I promise.

'Kitty Oiran & maid'
Brenda June Saydak (Moussart) 2008/Sold  ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") 

A convergence of pattern, lines, rich color and style, this artist is a master of all these things. And then she stirs in a cup of cats. You'll be saying more, please! 

Building on the Japanese style of layers of pattern upon pattern, Brenda's work is a joy for your eyes. She works mainly with acrylics on paper. Many of us in the art community respect her skill and also the expertise and her grasp of the finer points of Japanese culture. Be aware that these image are larger than they are in reality but they stand up to a close-up look. Beautifully executed.

'yuki te ume'  Brenda June Saydak (Moussart) 2008/Sold  ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") 

'haru da'  Brenda June Saydak (Moussart) 2008/Sold  ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") 

'temari  oiran'  Brenda June Saydak (Moussart) 2008/Sold  ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") 

From the artist:

My work is heavily influenced by Japanese art, something my dad introduced to me when he was working for the Japanese ambassador in Winnipeg back in the '80s. I don't like to explore the dark side of life, I would rather bring a smile to your face when you look at my art. My work mainly consist of charming and cute vignettes of life, often featuring cats, and sometimes fantasy subjects. I work exclusively in acrylics, mostly on paper. My palette is bright, cheerful and makes use of a lot of pure metallic pigments. Quality and precision are two features of my work that I value highly, which is a nod to the Japanese aesthetic, and I want my work to look as good from two inches as it does from arm's length. Authenticity is another feature of my work - I am quite knowledgeable about Japanese art and culture, especially kimono, and there is often a surprisingly large amount of research that goes into even my smallest paintings. 

For more information or to just see more of her exquisite work :


There find links to her Etsy and Zazzle shops.  

  Brenda June Saydak (Moussart) 2008/Sold  ACEO (2.5" x 3.5") 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Ok. I have to be honest here. Every time I see a 'Happy VD!' written or spoken I am so tempted to reply 'And A Merry Syphilis To You Too!'.

Now that I have that out  of my system here are a few of my Valentine's Day images to put you in a not too sugary state of mind. 

Bacon. Just bacon. Nom Nom Nom

A step too far? You're probably right.

Everyone loves a lab !

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts 
 all on a summer's day 
The Knave of hearts, he stole those tarts
And took them quite away! 

Hope you and your Valentine have a super day!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Come To Tea

The children in our lives should know how to connect with art, poetry and their imagination.

Encouraging children to read is all well and good but if that experience consists of solely of sitting inside on a beautiful day - well, that is simply a missed opportunity to create a magical memory day! These photos were of an 'Alice' party from several years ago. I invited moms and their small daughters or granddaughters for tea time.  Our Mad Hatter was my friend Candi's husband Larry. 

Vicki, Candi, Larry, Bobbie, Mary & others

Our 'tea' was different sorts of fruit punch. Our teacups were plastic so no little ones had to worry. Petit fours, white tents, Alice invitations, and gift bags each with a copy of Alice In Wonderland. After all, every child should Know Their Alice.

I was very fortunate that I had a mother who made sure that my imagination had a sound foundation for further adventures.

Here is Candi Iamurri's daughter Vicki with a group of teatime guests. Isn't she a perfect Alice?

I think I had more fun than the girls that day.  There were those Petit Fours after all. I was dressed as the evil Queen but no photo exists thank heavens!